1884-1885, the - opening of school. The first teacher Panayot Nikolov Zehirev from Ichera, village close toKotel. Originally associated with the village church and later a school was built with two classrooms and one small office. The building was used until 1929
1929. Building a new school facility Three classrooms, a small teachers room and one for the master teacher (director). It’s an Elementary School merged with two classes. Then open the lower secondary grades primary-V class. Class VI-was added later and every year another year was added.  Director is Christo Shehtov from Yambol.
1939-1970, The school is fully integrated with two grades in elementary school and three separate classes in junior high school course-one for V, VI and VII grade. Director is a local teacher Marin Marinov Tenev.
New construction to expand the building is completed on the east side of the existing school.
1941. The school opened two classrooms and a room for school equipment and it was decided to adapt the basement in the theater hall. In the schoolyard was created terraces.
1941 - 1949 Junior high school is shared with students from seven villages Topolitsa, Chernograd, Karageorgievo, Polyanovo, Raklinovo, Zimen and Glumcha.
In the announcment is made clear that Topolista will be the center of the school.
By increasing the number of students over the years, one classroom is adapted то hostel with funds provided by Ministry of Education.
1953-1954, County Department of Education announces the school of exemplary educational institution.
1958 - 1959 D. - The village was settled by a large number of Bulgarian Turks and Muslims - change in the composition of students.
1962-1963, the - A dormitory was opened for 60 Roma children. Kindergarten started.
The number of students increased to 250-300, andappropriate construction on the second floor of the school building was started.Reconstruction included the construction of 11 classrooms, a room for the director, a library, two rooms for home economics, and heavy equipment room.
1963 - 1964 г. Designed specifically geographical sites, including one vane for teaching geography. The idea was developed bygeography teacher Ivan Slavov Topalov.
In addition to the water fountain and telephone system, for internal school  was installed radio.
The school opened workshop with two rooms and a new engine room.
The schoolyard expands - including a new water fountain. The southeastern part is planted with fruit trees and a flower garden is planted in the northern.
1967-1968 A hostel for children with criminal tendencies is opened.
MTB improves- this includes a new stone wall and floor pathways, playground with a stadium near the schoolyard. Orchard 2 acres for experimental projects developed in the southeast corner and Holt-Canadian poplars were planted.
(Schoolyard-expansion covers an area of 10,300 hectares. It is fully landscaped and planted as a park.
1970 -1971 ... For excellence in the educational work of the school director Marin Tenev was awarded the title "Honored Teacher".
1973-1974 ... At the suggestion of District Education Inspector ChankoZhelev,full day of teaching organization. was planned. Originally it included elementary school (1975), and two years later in high school (1977).Improved recreational opportunities, including room for children, playground asphalt, laboratories in physics, chemistry and biology were built.Marked successes are celebrated in all local events for the anniversary of the school year.
1991-1992.  Todor Todorov of Aitos was appointed Acting Director.
1992-1993 - From 1.03.1993 Todorka Georgieva Rusinova was appointedfor director,primary teacher at the school.
For the first time a school receives a certificate of completed primary level. Made partly overlaps the roof and pouring a concrete slab in two classrooms
1993 - 1994 -  The school is included in the draft energy efficiency of Phare and European network of schools, health promotion research.
A perspective plan has been developed for the organization of 110th anniversary of the school.
1994-1995 - In the 110-year anniversary of the school observed. The event is marked in the local press.Complete dyeing of the school building and outside area is done. The playground surface. is applied. "Green Belt" action plan, leads to 110 trees of 6different types planted and 40 shrubs, all donated by Forest Organizaton-Aitos.Donation of shares hascollected an amount of 28,700 leva. They are given for assorted repairs and maintenance. Two basketball hoops were made by Wagon-repair factory.A promising program is designed for three years under the program "Health".
1995-1996.A 11-member school board was chosen as a partner on issues related to education and teaching of students, chaired by Emilia Gencheva.In view of the forthcoming evaluation of the director, inspection of UVR by the Ministry of Education gave school a very high overall score as a whole.
1996-1997, -Celebrated the first patronholiday of the school.
A movie about Aitos occurred on the national television and in it a special reportage of the school.
Folk group of students from age 14 with PL Elsa Milyakova wins first place on Slaveevi nights.Organized the first ever 10-day "green school" in village of Ravda.
1997-1998 - Of 1.01. 1998 school gained economic independence from Regulation № 6, first applied in the Community Aitos. It has the right to collect and spend their own revenues.Students of Class VII have been included in the national examination BEL.Organize second week of "Green School" by the village Ravda.For the second time the folk group has won first prize for Slaveevi nights.And at dinner for deserving teachers, organized by President Petar Stoyanov to celebrate May 24 as a representative of Bourgashas been recognized and the Director of the School Todorka Georgieva Rusinova.
1998-1999 .-Upgrading the school. Replacement of windows, roof repairs, glazing bars and the school and the new designed rooms of frescoes in the primary school and in the corridors.
1999 - 2000 - The school applied for a scholarship of the Foundation Catholic Relief Services - CRS representative of the U.S. Catholic Conference in Bulgaria. The nomination was approved.
A meeting with representatives of the Foundation and first ever seminar on "Partnership between parents and school, parent participation organization and faculty.
Held a formal parent-teacher meeting with representatives of the CRS, which presented ideas for improving the school. The idea of building a modern heating system received priority.
The organization provided a scholarship of 6000 dollars. Parents Organization and the Director successfully developed and presented the organization's project "Together for our children." As part of parents and teachers together make calendars. Beginning of the project began with a charity concert "Folk arc.
Reni Nikolova (VII) won the class prize for the second time for recitation of "And my songs will be read, devoted to 150 anniversary of I. Vazov.Manuela Zdravkova received the award for young talent to her writing a poem for the poet.
2000-2001 - The school installed a new modern heating system, implemented through the project "Together for our children."
Project to build a computer laboratory was realized, "In the world of computers. Winning a second scholarship of $ 2,000 bought 4 computer systems and printer. The cabinet is equipped with furniture and installation of alarm.
Competition on the theme "Communication and tolerance between cultures in main project Roots "This includes the possibility of Applied Arts and differentiation of the playground. In addition, a special corner was set aside school to create a folklore museum authenic combining the authenticity of three cultures, Roma, Turkish and Bulgarian.
2001-2002, With parent organizations and CRS are developed two programs: Communication and tolerance between cultures "and" In the world of computers, were implemented.
2002-2003 - In connection with the change in regulation and as a result of demographic decline, first classes in school, have formed joined II and IV and Class V and VI.High performance sports football tournament "Danoniada" at the municipal level for children under 12 years took place.
Contest Prize municipal seats recital devoted to the liberation of Bulgaria for the implementation of literary works, Radostin Bochukov Class V, and essay Manuela Zdravkova Class VI.
In 2003-2004 - First place in the municipal sports football tournament for children under 12 Using the parent organization School security is employed for the school.
2004-2005, - Celebrate the 120th anniversary of the founding of the school.
Initiative for continuously running water in bathrooms has been fulfilled.
The assessment is done by parent Organizaiton CRS and ARA, the results show that it falls within the list of 10 best of Trustees of the CRS network and ARA.
Participation of team members in organized by Bulgaria Partners' training seminars.
2005-2006, -The school participates in the implementation of projects and project stages: "Ethnopalitra", "Mediation and conflict resolution" and others.
The project is organized Ethnopalitra "St. George's Day-Haderelez-reconstruction and comparison of the customs of Christians and Muslims.
Participation of the Project "Ethnopalitra" is the official ceremony for awarding certificates organizations as a whole, Aitos won funding for projects of "Ethnic Interaction."
Created under the project "Ethnopalitra" folk group "Sparks" won the first review of amateur art, organized by the Ministry of Defense through Military Club. Participation and awards in this group and other events of municipal and regional level.
Improving training facilities. New stack for the boiler plant was built and two mowers and trimmers were purchased along with a CD player and MP3 sound system.
2006-2007, - The first ever national assessment of fourth grade.
Seventh grade student Velin Genchev won first place in the municipal Chemistry Olympiad and participated in the regional. Deserve the presentation were: Cemil Ainur and Velin Genchev the first national contest was organized BEL ..
Third place in the municipal soccer tournament Danoniada.
The presentation of the school, prepared by the Director Todorka Rusinova program for municipal conference "Most desirable place for students, is one of the successful participants in the Regional Conference.
2007 - 2008 г.
The school won two projects: "ritualizing of school life and international educational programs under the Operational Programme for Human Resource Development.
School uniforms were introduced at the beginning of the school year for all students, daily (T-shirt with short and long sleeve) and official uniforn, white shirt, black trousers or skirt and jacket, all with the school emblem.
With Iskra won bronze in the international competition "Orpheus Spring" in Stara Zagora, and first place in folklore singing.
At the Kotel, II-nd place in the "Slaveevi nights."
School dance team, led by Milka Ruskova was awarded the II-nd place municipal competition "From Easter to St. George's in dance class.
School football team won the II-nd place municipal Soccer Tournament.
For the second year school to qualify for the regional round of the conference "School-desirable area for students.
According to the decision of the Municipal Council to optimize the school network, the school was declared center for children from villages Chernograd and  Raklinovo. In June there was an opening reception of the school in the village Chernograd.
2008-2009, the
Was decided that the school will taught students from three neighboring villages: Topolitsa, Chernograd, Raklinovo.
The second phase of the project ritualizing of school life has been fulfilled and as a result of which was repaired school uniform.
A project for school flag made by the Group Arm - D. Kraichev was implemented.
The school applied for two projects within the National Programme for ritualizing of school life and fund in honor of the school holidays of rays worth BGN 1400
Implementation is a project of structural funds, which organizes the symposium, the third camp for children of different extracurricular activities.
The school applied for four programs organization TSOIDUEM, three of which are classified projects.
Implementation of the school program of the Peace Corps from the U.S. for inclusion in the Education and approval collaboration for two years. The school will work with volunteers Lewis Hoffman. She is mandated to begin in September 2009. She will work with an English teacher T. Stoykova.
Participation Group "Sparks" Christmas in the traditional municipal holidays. Wins second contest singing Christmas and reconstruction of Christmas tradition.
Second, ritual groups, at an early stage to take part in singing Christmas Aitos, 2008
Folklore group "Iskra" manager Velichko Apostolov took part in:
- Spring Celebration "From Palm Sunday to the St. George"
- Large Easter Dance "Play with me on the dance in April. (For the second year). Dancing in the school participated with two teams in both age groups, won second place team an early stage.
Folk Festival Slaveevi nights
- International Art Festival "Joy on the beach" in June. Incentive Award and won the pennant of the Ministry RIE-g. Burgas.
Performance of students BEL Mathematical Olympiad, Chemistry. Fifth grade student Valentina Haydarova and eighth grade student Emilia Aldinova won the I-st place in the round of municipal Olympiad Bell and the right to participate in the regional round, the results of which are also worthy.
Mehmet Necdet (branch VII) won the II-nd place in the athletics tournament in October.
School football team won the I-st place and the cup of the municipality in the municipal soccer tournament.
For the second consecutive year the english organization“Real Aid” organized summer school holidays for the kids from "Light" Topolitsa village. This summer, students and teachers will work together in extracurricular activities. Care representatives of the "Real Aid" are Leah Smith and Rebecca Maha. The program includes classes in music, dance, painting, sports games - baseball, tennis and of course football. Along with these activities that engage children and their skills in English. "Real Aid" provides all necessary materials for this project summer school.